Sustainability Without the Sacrifice

Wasteful - 50 million pounds of plastic end up in landfills from toothbrushes in the US each year
Unsustainable - 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown out in the US annually
Made of harmful plastic
Oral care made difficult - over 50% of the population does not replace their toothbrush often enough

Resourceful - only the head is thrown out while the handle is reused
Sustainable - built using sustainably sourced bamboo
Plastic Free and Biodegradable
Oral care made easy - replacement heads are delivered right to your door every 3 months so you never over use your toothbrush

“It’s not about hugging trees
but it’s not about being wasteful either.”

Matthew McConaughey

Most of us if presented with a choice of a sustainable product vs. an unsustainable product with all else being equal will choose the sustainable product. Unfortunately this isn’t the way the world works. In reality most times being more sustainable comes at a cost, either through inconvenience or the actual cost. Fortunately, you no longer have to make that choice when it comes to your toothbrush.

ViroBrush’s replacement heads are sustainable without the extra costs. Made out of bamboo and delivered directly to your door it’s both the sustainable and convenient choice.

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